Did disease begin from Plum Island

I’m a soft four legged pet with big eyes and a long wonderful trail. And that I am dark in color. However many customers of my children and buddies are brown, dark or have spots and also have multiple shade. I feed on leaves, shrubs and lawn. I help people giving dairy to them. Which can be regarded a wholesome, complete and perfect food to drink. I possibly help make curd, cheese, from my milk. As well as in neighborhoods lots of people use my dung to coat the houses’ mud walls. My dung can also be used for fuel that will be dried. It is likewise an excellent manure for plants. My family’s guy is named the Bull or Ox. There is a child known as a Calf. The guys are hardly weak and plough areas, and they are used to draw on carts. I’m a really beneficial dog to all. Hindus actually think of me being a pet that is holy, and with good esteem they handle me. But although I am employed for a great number of factors at the end once I am early no use for them they sell me. Thats once I will soon be terrified and definitely sad. Do people consider proper care of us and at the conclusion eliminate harmless animals like us? We’re not really a problems for any people. We merely help them in so many ways. If this could be transformed I would love. But I’d also like to inform that although, there are when we are old, a few kind people that never sell the butcher us. Some people also protest against people that kill us. You can find people that relies us giving the butcher cash from being slain. Nevertheless the thing that is very unfortunate will be the relieses certainly one of us and requires another. And eliminates the creature that is poor.! Oh how I wish that that better could be changed for by this. And that every one of the people will like us. And address us good even if we are truly early.

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